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Material Handling

Bucket Elevators

GSI Bucket Elevators

GSI’s bucket elevators are engineered to perform and built tough to provide years of reliable service. Whether your business is industrial or agricultural, whether your requirements are for receiving or unloading, pre-processing or post-processing, count on GSI for your material handling needs.

Elevator Specs


Air Systems

GSI Air Systems

Adding a high-quality air system to your operation allows you to minimize grain damage today, while insuring easy expansion in the future. GSI air systems include cast iron rotary airlocks, positive displacement blower units, industrial air cleaner filters, and thermally protected motors.

Air System Specs



InterSystems Distributors 

InterSystems distributors are available in full round, flat back, double round, and single, double, triple, and quad swing styles. The rotary position sensors allow you to move your grain gently and efficiently. 

Distributors Specs


Gravity Screeners

InterSystems Gravity Screeners

Gravity screeners can help you increase income by boosting the value of your grains and saving you money on operating costs. The InterSystems' screeners remove dirt, broken kernels, and foreign materials from your commodities using the power of gravity instead of an external power source. With eight models available, you can find the gravity screener that works for you.

Gravity Screener Specs


Fuel Trailers

Meridian Fuel Trailer

The Meridian Fuel Trailer allows you to transfer fuel and refuel from anywhere. These trailers can carry 520 or 990 US gallons, and they made with 10 gauge steel, double welded seams, and a powder coat finish to give you maximum durability.

Fuel Trailer Specs



GSI Conveyors

GSI conveyors are designed for strength and superior performance to maximize operation run time and minimize the length of delivery time. Conveyors feature a heavy-duty design and innovative features to maximize performance, simplify maintenance and increase product life.


Chain Loop System

The GSI Chain Loop System combines the loading, transferring, filling, and unloading processes all into one economical and easy to use system. The GSI Chain Loop is designed to move large capacities of grain gently and efficiently through-out the system.


Transport Conveyor

The Meridian transport conveyors are designed to handle your grain gently, and they virtually eliminate the frustrating cleat "vacuum" at the discharge end of other conveyors. Moreover, these conveyors come in 5' increments, so you can easily expand on the standard 20' length.

Transport Conveyor Specs


Floor Mount Conveyor

The floor mount conveyor is the perfect solution for seed mills and plants operating under space constraints. The telescoping floor mount frames connect anywhere on the tube section, so you can move your seed gently and conveniently. 

Floor Mount Conveyor Specs


Under Bin Conveyor

The Meridian under bin conveyor is designed to handle grain more gently than other high-capacity conveyors. Furthermore, the conveyors includes a quick-release bottom panel so you can quickly inspect and clean the system.

Under Bin Conveyor Specs


Under Car Conveyor

This convenient seed conveyor is perfect for convenient discharge of semi-trucks. With a handle on the discharge end, you can easily move the conveyor to the correct position and around your site.

Under Car Conveyor Specs


Seed Tenders

Seed Titan Box Tender

The Meridian Seed Titan is available as a 2 box or 4 box tender. This tender is designed for maximum usability with a Self Centering Box Guide that automatically centers boxes into position.

Seed Titan Specs


Seed Express Bulk Tender

Meridian's Seed Express tender allows you to handle seeds and fertilizer safely and efficiently. The Seed Express is available with capacities up to 5,000 bushels an hour and has models specially designed for most seed types so you can find a systems that meets the needs of your operation.

Seed Express Specs