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Grain Bins

4" Stiffened Grain Bins

The FCDL Series of stiffened grain bins are a strong, cost-effective solution for a wide variety of applications, including grain storage bins, drying bins, drying bins with stirring devices and drying bins with recirculating equipment. The FCDL grain bins are provided with 12” plenum punching (standard) to facilitate installation of a full floor. Depending on the size, most bins have a two ring door, which is installed in the upper half of the bottom ring and all of the second ring to facilitate floor installation.

4" Grain Bin Specs


Farm Grain Bins

No matter how high yields are, harvest time grain prices are no guarantee for maximum profitability. On-site grain storage offers many benefits, including increased harvest capacities and uptime, as well as the freedom to hold your commodity for better returns in the future. Those looking for an edge when markets are low, look to GSI's farm storage grain bins to help maximize profitability.

GSI Grain Bin Specs


Bin Floors

GSI manufactures many flooring systems depending on your specific grain type or aeration requirements. All floor parts are galvanized for lasting durability and feature a unique locking system for reduced floor movement and solid support.

GSI Bin Floor Specs


Commercial Grain Bins

A world leader in steel corrugated grain storage bin manufacturing, GSI offers the strongest and heaviest gauge storage tanks in the industry with capacities up to 1.1 million bushels. Our tank sidewall is roll-formed at the GSI plant using 8 gauge, and now 5 and 6 gauge, prime high tensile steel up to 65,000 PSI (450 MPa). The heavier 5 gauge sidewall allows us to provide taller tanks with our advanced design, compared to other manufacturers who provide 8 gauge as their maximum thickness.

GSI Grain Bin Specs


Seed Storage

Meridian seed storage bins are designed for safe storage and easy access for seed mills and plants. The SmoothWall design is achieved with premium powder coating for a long-lating, durable structure. Contact Kronemann Construction to find the height and diameter to meet your seed storage needs.

Seed Storage Options

Fans & Heaters

GSI Fans & Heaters

For in-bin grain aeration and conditioning, take a look at our large selection of fans and heaters. GSI manufactures a complete line of aeration and grain conditioning systems to help maintain grain quality. Choose from a variety of high efficiency vane axial, centifugal and inline centrifugal fans and heaters all with features designed to reduce cost and boost performance.

GSI Fan & Heater Specs


Fuel Tanks

Meridian Fuel Tanks

Meridian double wall fuel tanks are perfect for agricultural operations who want safe storage for their liquid products. Meridian offers horizontal and vertical tanks so you can customize your systems to your space and needs.

Fuel Tank Specs



Heavy Duty Bin Stairs

The new GSI Heavy Duty Bin Stairs provide a safer, more comfortable climb. These stairs are designed to fit any grain bin, with a unique 8" step design that decreases incline angle and provides easy access to the top of your bins.


Hopper Tanks

Bulk Feed Tanks (BFT)

BFTs are popular farm grain storage options because they are easy to install and expand and offer convenient unloading. The sealed roof and body design of the BFT provides your grain maximum protection from moisture. These tanks are available in 6', 7', 9', 12', and 15' diameters and hold up to 3,182 bushels of grain.

BFT Specs


Grain Hopper Tanks (GHT)

GHTs support heavier loads than the typical ground feed bulk tank. The tank can be used on farm operations for temporary storage, grain drying and conditioning, or long-term storage for dried grain. These tanks are available in 9', 12', 15', 18', and 21' diameters and hold up to 45 lbs. per cubic foot with a total capacity of 388 - 6,916 bushels.

GHT Specs



The FCHT tank covers an intermediate range of capacities with a specific limited size and capacity for commercial operations. The tank features stiffened sidewalls with 4.00" corrugation and a 45 degree hopper slope. It is available in 18', 21', and 24' diameters and can hold 4,157 - 14,961 bushels.

FCHT Specs



The NCHT tank is a heavy-duty tank for wet grain, dry grain, or specialty applications at commercial operations. The tank allows for routine clean-outs and features stiffened sidewalls with 2.66" corrugation and a 40, 45, or 60 degree hopper slope. It is available in 12'-36' diameters and can hold 1,831-53,659 bushels.

NCHT Specs



Bin Unloading Systems

No matter your unloading needs, Kronemann can help you find and install the best system for you to move your grain gently and efficiently. Kronemann is an authorized dealer of GSI's Direct Gear Drive, U-Trough, and Carry-In Sweeps unloading systems.

Bin Unloading Specs


Series II Sweeps

GSI's Series II commercial sweeps provide reliable, year round operation with little maintenance and minimal chance for product contamination. Combined with the NEMA 4 control panel, a more simple to operate sweep will not be found in the market, for your commercial grain delivery needs. Control features include a reversing switch, safety foot switch, and manual or automatic operation.


U-Trough Bin Unload

GSI U-Trough unloaders are available for bins up to 60 ft. diameter, 5000-6000 BPH. The U-Trough fits under most standard aeration floors and requires minimal assembly. It features an adjustable flight for easy expansion to the outer wall, dual action sweep wheels that move the unloader through the grain while sweeping out outer sidewall grain, and enhanced design to help sustain grain quality. Constructed from top quality galvanized material and components, the GSI U-Trough requires minimal maintenance and will provide years of reliable operation.

GSI U-Trough Specs


X-Series Sweep

The X-Series Sweep is an easy-to-install unload option for any commercial grain operation. As a true Zero-Entry sweep, the X-Series Sweep requires no in-bin preparation before installing, simply let the system do the work for you. The system even includes an intuitive control panel so you have key information at your fingertips. 

X-Series Sweep Specs